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Published paper in August 2014.

Hi girls How are you, it's been awhile I didn't have news about you. In this summary , I would like to inform you that I have published a new work lately. This work deals with the correlation between dielectric properties and mechanical ones of composite materials. The most interesting thing is that mechanical properties were obtained by means of a short beam shear test. This paper was entitled Influence of Two Carbon Plies on Adhesion of Unidirectional Flax-Fibers Reinforced epoxy composites by the authors M. Karray et al. and published in Polymer Composites 2014. See you soon. Asma TRIKI.

African Plant Project

Hi Girls, I hope everythink goes well! This message is especially for the Tunesian part of our group and all friends of travelling through Africa among us. I'm member of the Society of natural scientists "Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung". Actually, we generated a database for african plants. Especially the biodiversity of the flora of Northern Africa isn't well known. Everyone how has detailed photos from endemic/ native flowers and trees has the possibility to enlarge the database of this "Photo Guide". The homepage is as follow: .

beamtime planning

Hi girls, these days I'm busy planning our upcoming experiment at FLASH here in Hamburg. At the moment I feel more like a manager than like a scientist: writing emails, talking to people, trying to find out which problem is most urgent.. Getting a PhD didn't prevent that I need to learn lots of new things again, but although it's a lot of work, it's also fun. This time I actually feel responsible for making everything work out, and I really hope it's going to be successful in the end. I'll keep you posted!


Hey Nicole, congratulation for your little boy :) Whats the name of him? Enjoy your little family. Susan

my little son

Hey girls,as you may think I am a mom already. End of august my son was born. Everything was very well. He was 2770g and 48cm big. Since a week we are at home and nearly our whole life changed, but we are very happy :). The grandparents are also proud. On Friday me and my son went to the university and visit my colleagues. They invite us to come some times to breakfast.Also we went to the kindergarten, everything is clear and up from March he can go there. So everything is very good. 

Hey there..

Hey All,I hope you all had a nice summer...which was gone at least in Kassel very fast...But I am looking forward for maybe a "second" summer in September...Besides, my Master student finished successfully and I am rigth now working with a new student. We are building up a new setup for transmission measurements of dielectric photonic crystals...I hope, we will be successful soon... 

hello from Finland

dear girls, how are you? I hope you are all fine and everything is fine, too. The last months I was very busy because I had to prepair a lot of things for my abroad semester. So now I'm living in Finland. I'll spend one semester here. This week is only orientation week. So all Erasmus Student will get to know each other and of course the Uni, too. And next week we'll have our first lectures. I arrived in Finland two week ago because I just wanted to look about the surrounding area . The first 3 days were stressful because everything was new for me.

silly season?

AlohaCongratulations Becky, for finishing your thesis. I used the spring and early summer for writing applications as well. Successfully though, I will start at a company in Chemnitz, that manufactures micromachining laser systems. I will work there as an application engineer which I am really looking forward to. Working in industry seems to be a thing I am really into I think, communciating with customers, traveling all over the world to accompany a machining´s creation process. This includes planning, laser testing and finally building the entire machine. This is great.

Curriculum Vitae

Hi you all! I thought about the workshop the last days. Why that? Well, because I really did it: This weekend I re-wrote / updated my CV to make some applications in future, probably some speculative kind just to show the companies, that I'm willing to work :-) But since the weather on the weekend was anyhow not good enough to do anything else, I placed myself in front of the monitor and took some time for this basic step: I have the CV now of course not only in german, but in english also!