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three weeks until the baby will be here

Hey girls,in my last post I wrote, that my first article is nearly ready. Now it is ready, the pictures are choosen and everything is handed in. In September the journal will be published. I will be very proud to see my first article than :)With my work at the university everything is fine. I could not work a whole day, that would be to stressful, but half day is fine. Until now nearly all the time I read papers and thesis and sort out the data. This week I also handed in all the paper for the phd.

thesis defended

Hi girls, I'm very happy to let you know that I survived my thesis defense :-))) I've been looking forward to this day essentially since I returned from Tunisia and started writing up my thesis and it's hard to believe that it actually arrived. After months and months of more or less constant stress and doubts, ups and downs, it feels great to finally have my life back! Many people told me that the writing of the thesis was the worst part, and once it's over I'm more or less already done, but for me I think it was actually harder to prepare for the examination.

First results nearly available in a paper

A paper including some of my results was published as a conference proceeding. Unfortunately the link is still not available :-( My supervisor went with a poster to IPAC this year in Dresden and presented different intercepting methods to record beam profiles. So far we could still not proof any kind of saturation effect, neither in dependency of bunch length nor of beam intensity. But investigations will go on. I need to improve the results regarding some parameters and of course I want to use the second and for my last beam time block starting in a few weeks.

LASYS Stuttgart

Hi girls.Hope you are doing well.The week before last I had the opprotunity to attend Stuttgarter Lasertage (SLT) that are carried out parallel to Stuttgart Laser trade fair LASYS. Despite ongoing digitalisation and online performance of a company, it is still of considerable importance for a company to maintain contact to long-term and potential customers. I did not expect it to be that severe. Ir was a good experience and the presentations at SLT enabled a further insight into different approaches of other companies or facilities that cope with associated approaches.

Tunisia 2014

I spent to wunderful weeks in Tunisia with my family. It was awesome! It was great to come back to Tunisia after our journey. The north and center of Tunisia is so different to the south. Sfax really was an intellectual challenge for us Germans ;) and is definitively not comparable to the tourism center of Tunisia (Monastir or Kantaoui)! Perhaps the DAAD should give the organizators the chance to do the course in a more suitable place, where the students can even learn more about the country because of the civil liberty in those mentioned places with more tourism.

She works hard for the money... hard for the money ;) Hey girls, send you a lot of greetings from Bochum. Had so much to do in the last months, that I forgot to write you. Sorry for that...but therefore I will make more posts in the following weeks! Have a lot to do with our laser-conference, which will take place in munich in june 2015. I organize this conference with some colleagues from the University in Stuttgart and of course our institute. In august I will be at the Optics & Photonics in San Diego for a poster presentation. I still have to book the flight and the hotel for this event.

first article nearly ready

Hey girls, it`s nice to read so much about your projects and how you spend your freetime. This summer, I won`t go for holiday. We will make everything ready for the baby and relax the other time. Last weekend we were at a wedding with a lot of friends. It was like a little holiday, because we have a long way to travel. Next weekend I will get my master certificate. Since a month I work at the university. It is very interesting and I already learned a lot. Also I needed a lot of time to write an article about my master thesis for the magazine “LED professional Review”.

Soon summer!

Hej you all!SUMMER! SOON! ... My report is almost done so far, just the introduction and motivation are missing. I want to hand it in next tuesday and want to be finished tomorrow evening. My presentation was good and I will go hiking for a week in the french pyrenees. Afterwards two weeks in west sweden and then my masterthesis starts. I am still checking for jobs but still haven't applied for any, since I was so busy with my report -.-  Where are you all going for summer holidays?


Hi everybodylong time no write from my side.I hope all of you are doing well. I have just returned from CLEO conference in San José, CA, USA. It was my first time in the US and I experienced it as quite an ambiguous place. The people were really hospitable and it was great pleasure to work under such a nice atmosphere.