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Back from vacation

Hey Ladies....4 weeks holiday are gone...In the end, it didn't feel like 4 weeks :( Additionally, I was in Bulgaria last week, like a Summerschool on NATO ASI. So, long time not at work. It was I am busy with writing a book chapter for that and besides I am busy with my 2 masterstudents..Hope, you all are


Hi girls,how are you? I hope you are all fine and everything is OK. Today, the ECMI conference starts and I can not be there :( . I really wanted to be in this conference. I sent my work and it was accepted but my supervisor said that he can not finance me. I have no news, I am just waiting for Ramdane. I think that you have an idea about this month. It is a special month for us: we remain fasting all the day but at night we made special dinner with all my familly.  

semester abroad

Dear girls, how are you? I hope you are all fine and everything is fine, too. After a long time there is nothing new with me. After the exams I was on holiday for some days. In this semester I have only one lecture. And I work as Hiwi-student alongside. I just can say that in this semester I'm so „busy“. As in the last blog I told you that I'll tell you my plan for the next months. Yesterday I got an admission as an exchange student in the Aalto University in Finland. It's former Helsinki University of Technology. So I'll spend 4 months there.


Hej you all! I am just one week before my proposal presentation for my masterthesis, which I will officially start in august then (yes, its a strange system at my university). So I am also extremly busy with writing my proposal report and preparing my presentation. In the meanwhile I am looking for a job starting in january and try to get in contact with different companies. Right now I am focussing on trainee jobs and possible PhD projects all over the world.


Hello girls,I hope everyone is doing good!  Apparently I am still working on my master thesis which I will hopefully finish in October. I also moved into another city for a different internship so I am really busy at the moment. We should organize a small come together since we all connected with this blog. Let me know if your guys would be interested.See you!

Sonia blog

Hi girls, I hope you are well, I have news for my personal life, My daughter was born, and her name ISRA, my life is completely changed. For my research work, I have a big problem, my work is based on  optical characterization but  now  laser does not work. I hope for all the girls good luck.

Just married

I`m not sure, if I told you before, but last Thursday I got married :). It was a very nice day, everything was perfect. Our family and friends were with us. We were only a small group of 16 guests, but so the most important people were with us. We met for coffee in our new flat before we went to the registry office and later we ate dinner in a restaurant. In the evening we go to a club and met a lot of friends. The weekend we spent in Cologne for holiday.Today I finally had my master thesis defence, which I handed in two weeks ago.

thesis handed in :-)

Hi girls, I'm just returning from handing in my PhD thesis! Feels kind of strange, after months of writing and correcting, it's finally *finished*. Now I have seven weeks to study everything I can think of for my defense and to prepare a twenty minutes presentation. Heidelberg, Germany's oldest university is still kind of oldschool in that sense: in my defense, it's me, four professors, a blackboard and a piece of chalk or two. I kind of like the idea, but it's going to need a lot of preparation to write properly on a blackboard and to talk and write at the same time.

Ready for Summer holiday

Hey girls, I hope you are ok. I am still busy on this project. there is always something to do. I want to finish the big part at the end of this month.I need a holiday, as you know we have a wonderful beach, sunny weather. So I should enjoy the summer. Who want to make a broun skin, Tunisian weather can help him :).  

Started analysing

First beamtime block is over now. They finished the block planned for spring two weeks earlier since there is a lot they need to repair (so to say: issues from the bigger shutdown in 2013). Two shifts for me and also shifts for my colleagues are moved now to the next beamtime block which is starting a bit of time earlier at least. But from mid of october on the synchrotron SIS18 is to be shutdown for a couple of years even to build up the new coming FAIR building! That's a quite long time and till finishing my PhD contract will be over.