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Back at home

Hi everybody :)I feel really, really good reading all the other blogs because that gives me the feeling that you enjoyed your stay at the summer school as much as I did.It was really fascinating to meet you girls, all of you are fascinating in a way. We've been all so different and it fitted really good. The work that you are doing in optics is really great, everyone is doing something else and it is fascinating what special kind of science you do and that you are great in it and that you are also fascinated by the field.

Home sweet home

The summer school has been fantastic. Back home I am thinking about the people I have met, it has been such a nice group with a variety of girls and all have one big common interest which is optics. Thats really great. Usually in Germany I didn't find so many girls I could share my experiences about my studies with becaus ein Engineering we are just a few in every intake.What was great, besides having a community and making the experience to be in beautiful Tunesia were the talks.

Welcome to Larana's Summer School Blog

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! This is the first time for me to write something like that. Now, one week after the end of the summer school "Get ahead with optics", I'm still very happy about the possibility to take part in such an interesting program. It was a great opportunity to study in this nice environment, not only with respect to the beautiful country, but also regarding the many great persons I met during this time. I feel really lucky having been one of this year's participants, and I hope honestly that this project will be continued in the next years.

Welcome to Kirstin’s Summer School Blog

I am very lucky to have the chance to organize such a program. Since the Tunisian revolution in January 2011, I was thinking about a program for young female scientist.  By the call from the Elsevier Foundation, this idea grows and I was trying to find a motivated Tunisian partner. Ms Rim Cherif shares my verve and we decided to send an application together to Elsevier. In December 2011, we got the fantastic news that the Elsevier Foundation supports our program. Since this day, we spend a lot of our free time in planning.