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Project is done

Hey girls, I can tell you really nice news. My group finished the project we have to do during the master studies. We started with it two years ago and there were a lot of problems and, to be honest, a lot of time with no motivation in between. But three weeks ago we end the thesis of this project and last week was the final talk about it. The result is not very good, but it is ok.

News from Stockholm

Hej you all! In one week I will travel to Lund to Max4 which is a new synchrotron. There we will present the project (or what is done so far). Some of my setup parts arrived last week and in about 2 weeks the last parts will (hopefully) arrive. Then I FINALLY can start building my sandwich lenses. In the last weeks I became a SolidWorks expert ( ;) ) since I needed to design all the parts for the setup. Great news from you all! Its really interesting how you all progress and what you face for chances and difficulties. Good luck to you all!

Back from Brussels

Dear All,last week I was in Brussels on SPIE Photonics Europe conference. It was very interesting, especially the Nanophotonics and Micro-Optics session was nice for me. Now I am preparing some last stuff needed to be done before I will go on holiday to California and Hawaii in the next four weeks. So, I'll write again when I'm back...

Eastern can come

Hello Ladys! What a good luck for me that I have that much motivated colleagues here who helped me a lot with finalizing the details in my setup so that everything works finally! :-) At the moment I'm finally about to analyse some working measurings. Goal is to compare optical spectras of different scintillating materials in long term tests and with different sizes of penetrating ion bunches.

Franka off the beaten track

Hi girlsI hope all of you are doing ok. I admit I have been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks but, in fairness, I was on holiday. A great one as some of you have already confirmed when sharing the pictures on facebook. Myanmar was an awesome place. Not as remote as it might was only a couple of years ago, but still not as overrun by tourism as some other places in Asia. I went with two friends and we shared great hospitality, open-mindedness and a friendly welcome by the locals.

Master Thesis

Hello girls,I hope everyone is doing ok. I finally finished nearly my design for my master thesis project. At the momennt I am waiting on getting it back and test it.  I am planning on running a half marathon in the middle of May, we will see how that will go. Everything else is going pretty good and I still hope we can come together at one point again. Bye bye

Details about master thesis

Hey girls, and especially hello Alice, I saw, that you had a question about my blog from February about my thesis and I want to answer in detail, so I open a new blog entry. Sorry, that I haven`t seen it before :(. A short recapitulation: The aim of my thesis is to integrate color measurements in the measurements of goniophotometer. Often it is important not only to know how much light goes in which direction, but also which color.

thesis finished (for now)

Hi girls, yesterday I sent the pre-final version of my thesis to my official supervisor to correct. I essentially worked on that thing ever since I came back from tunisia and I'm REALLY looking forward to my first free weekend in months! :-)) I'm a little nervous about what he's gonna tell me when I meet with him next thursday, but I will try to not think of it until then. Whish you all a wonderful, enjoyable spring weekend!

funding opportunities

Dear all, In the following you will find some of great funding opportunities to apply for. Best regards, Susan

plans may change...

In January I told you, that I have been ill the hole december. Now I can tell you why: I am pregnant . The dream of my boyfriend and me will be reality. When we have been in Tunisia and were asked about our planes for the future, I had nothing in my mind beside that, but I don`t want to tell, because nobody besides my boyfriend knew it. So, in the end of august, I will get our baby. In may I want to finish my master thesis, but I don’t know, if I can reach that, because I was ill very often in january and february (morning and evening sickness ;)) and I need a lot of sleep.