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Progress on my masterthesis

Hi! Last week I was in Paris to visit a french synchrotron. My group and a group there are working together for the x-ray optics and are very interested in a successful project. So I feel now a bit of pressure since they really want my sandwich lenses. But tight now I have surprisingly a little things to do since we are about to order s lot of experimental components and they have a delivery time up to 3 month. My next week will be to find a new task which I can do during the waiting time.... head up that I find soemthing :) I hope everything is going fine with you all!


Dear girls, so it's time to take a break after long long time learning (I'm not finished with the exams!). And break is always ideal time to write a blog again. Wow it's really really nice to hear from all your projects, work or thesis. Nothing new with me. My last two exams are done. Now I am still learning for my very last exam in this semester: linear optics. In two weeks I can say goodbye exams and hello summer :) Hmm and I don't think that I'll go to holiday in this spring. So, all the best everyone! Cheers!

second disspointing measurements within one month

He you all! And again I go out of a beamtime without succeding in only one result. This time it was not even the facility that made problems but my preperations showed out to have been not enough to get processable images with my cameras. I even switched to a different setup to get different measurements to run and it seemed to work for the most of shifttime till I found out that without showing an error message some important data aquisition software didn't completely stored my files. So again I have to wait to tell about results - let's see what problems occure during next beamtime.

Maybe my new job

Hey Girls,last week I visited the professor für light technique at our university and wanted to ask for a job after my master thesis. But before I could ask he told me, that he was in austria the day before and had seen my experimental setup, last summer I was there for an internship. I don`t had to do an internship, but I want to see another kind of work and I want to go away from ilmenau before I start my master thesis. So I don`t hesitate for long, when I got a mail with this opportunity from zumtobel.

The first snow ;)

Dear girls, it was really a dream: Last week I and my boyfriend spent the holiday in the Alpes.  All the days we were skiing. The conditions were perfect! But it was really the unique time that I have seen more than a dozen of snowflakes a day in this winter time. I think it was snowing in Tunisia more often than in Germany, wasn't it? It's crazy. Cheers. Susan 

work work work no holidays

 Hi girls, I hope you are all fine, and everything is OK.I have no much news, I still work on the same topic, still waiting for good results, still waiting for my paper correction... At the end of this month, i will pass an exam named CAPES: this is an exam about all physics studied in our life,  if we succed this exam we can work as a teacher in high school.  But i don't believe on the procedure of the exam correction.  I feel disappointed this period, everything in Tunisia goes wrong (no job, no god news,....).


Hi girls, I hope you are ok and you got not too much work at the moment. I am still busy working on the EU project. We are still looking for sales prospects and a possible project coordinator. That is one the things we need to do to meet the requirements. So, I got a lot to do finding them. There are already some companys who already gave us their OK. Now we go on writing the proposal. You know how this works...the deadline is coming sooner than you might be thought ;) Wish you a wunderful day!

First Beam Time Shift is done

Hi all! Working at a facility for ion acceleration can be very disappointing, I can tell you! (Probably Rebecca knows already what I mean ;-)) Everybody is telling you to get finished as soon as possible with setup preparation just to shift the date for possible entrance at the experimental area on and on to later dates and even if you finished - only god knows how - the synchrotron is not running with the parameters you need. What else? Also such works give you knew ways of thinking: When is it possible to enter the experimental area if someone needs to be checked again?

conference talk

Hi girls, I'm just returning from a meeting where I gave my first invited talk. I was a little more nervous than usual, also because one of the professors that is going to evaluate my thesis soon was in the audience. But I think it went well. Now I need to write a complete paper within the next two weeks because it is for a conference (Faraday discussions if you have heard of it) and needs to be handed in by March 7. Deadlines make you pretty effecitive in writing up stuff! ;-) Luckyly I can use parts of my unfinished thesis so I hope I will make it.

Hey Girls

Hey Girls,we are currently in the last phase of our project. So, the final tasks need to be done. Yesterday, I visited a fair for optics, mechanics and electronics in Wetzlar. Even though it was quite small, they had interesting presentations and exhibiting companies. In addition, I am currently looking for a new job. Hence, I have to write applications and go to job interviews. This can be really annoying sometimes. Before I start my new job (hopefully), I want to go on holiday for a few days.