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PVRI conference

Dear all, two weeks ago I did participate in the PVRI conference in Bad Nauheim, a small health resort with mineral springs ;) Unfortunately not for relaxation, but for presentation of my Phd work. PVRI is a conference for scientists and physisians in the field of lung research. It was a superb venue to host such an array of high quality science and discussion. No sweat! Good luck to you! Susan  

exam exam exam

Dear all, how are you? I hope you are all fine and everything is fine, too. I'm very sorry for the late blog entry because I'm still in the 'exam-marathon'. Today I wrote my first exam in this semester: principles of laser sources. And next week: principles of technical optics. Every day I go to the library and try to learn the stuffs. And sometimes I have no motivation at all. But a lot of chocolate help and bring my motivation back. But I hope all exams will be done soon. And nothing new about my master thesis: I still don't know which topic I can choose.

Photonics Europe

Hey all! Due to much work, I forgot to write some news here...I am busy right now with writing a paper for SPIE Photonics Europe in Brussels, where I was accepted recently and now the deadline is coming :( Does anybody else go there?Besides I was in Brussels for a negotiation meeting for a new funding project, which went quite well. So, additionally lots of work...I hope everything is fine for you all, too...

A lot of work...

Hi girls, hope you are fine?! I am :) I am still working on the results for San Diego in August this year. There are still a lot of things to do to get it done, but my team and me are busy and will make it! At the same time I have to work on the new funding projects. One is gonna be funded by the EU and the other one is a smaller project, but hopefully it is funded as well :) For today, we organized a meeting to work everything out and to get into details. This is my first project submission and I am very excited about it.

Hello !!!

Hello girls,I hope everyone is doing well and everything is working out !!  I am still doing my internship at a company and got a pretty cool project assigned.  I am going to use this project for my master thesis. It involves a lot of research and it should easily reaches the requirements for a thesis. By the way, I made a short presentation about our week in Tunesia. The presenation went pretty well. I am still reading my book about optics and improve my knowledge about it.  I am looking forward to hear from you all!!  Best wishes

Vibrating floor

Hej you all! I am still working on my masterthesis and I don't like my microscope - its vibrating everytime someone goes around in the lab or when the airconditioner starts to blow air around *grrrr* Well now I decided to build my setup completely new and this time I will make it stable enough ;) In 2 weeks I am heading towards Paris to SOLEIL to visit a lab there. I think that will be very informative and I can test my french from my A1 french course ... Hope everythng is going well with your projects. Cheers!

My Thesis

Hey girls,I hope everything is ok? It`s nice to read from you, so please tell me more :)Today I want to tell you about the subject of my master thesis. I write my thesis in a company in Ilmenau, very close to the university. This company develops and sells goniophotometer, which measure how much light of a light source (a LED, or a whole luminaire with different lamps inside) is emitted in every direction. The output of this measuring system is a list of up to 10 million rays, with a starting point, a direction and intensity for each ray. The produced files are necessary for simulations.

New experience in Australia

In my last blog I will tell you something about all my experience here in Australia. I did not just learn a lot about glass and scientific work I also met amazing persons. Of course was it a great to cuddle a koala and a kangaroo. But also I tested my bravery as I tried rock climbing, diving and surfing for the first time. One day the guys invited me to join them for climbing. It happens quicker than I thought and I was up to the top of the first wall. It was a strange feeling looking back in the deep but I was happy that I tried it. Nearly the same situation happened with diving.

diversified January

Hi girls,like for you, January has been quite a busy mounth for me, too. As I told you before I made a submission for the CLEO conference in June 2014. This will be my first international conference where I am supposed to hold a speech so I am really excited over this.Beside I am planning to start a PhD thesis in autumn so me and my coordinating professor are working on a concept to get financial support. Can anyone of you girls give advice where financial support for a PhD thesis can be obtained?

Working at IPAS

Today I will introduce to my tasks in Australia. I work at the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS). I belong to the workgroup optical materials and structures. My project is about a special Indium Fluoride Glass for infrared optical fibre. One of the aims is to reach a high optical nonlinearity. These features can be used to build special laser systems or light sources.There is already a good and stable composition for these glass but now is the task to find a suitable core and cladding composition.