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angle-dependent focus

Hello to you! This week I had some talking to the head of our workshop about some mechanics they would need to do for me. One of the subjects is an angled mounting for one of my lenses and to make work easier for his team, the mechanic asked me, if there is no lense available to set the focus angle-dependent for tilted targets. I said - very spontanously - that there is no such lense in the world, but to be honest: I don't really know! Did anyone of you heard of such idea? I thought for example about these asphere lenses from stutgart, but can you set the focus angle-dependent with them?

Happy New Year!!

Hello girls,I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a good start in 2014. I finished my semester and started my internship already. I really enjoyed the time in Tunisia and I hope that we will have the opportunity to see each other again. Best wishes Texas

First blog entry

Dear girls, how are you? I hope you had a good start into a new year. Since our Summer School was over, I always think of our wonderful time in Sfax. I got many impressions of the country and the Tunisian culture. And I'm glad to be part of the Summer School. Back in Germany, I was ill one week. But I'm healthy again. Now I'm looking for some topics for my master thesis. My thesis will take one year. There are some interessting topics that I think they could be for me. But everything is not concrete now. I must inform more about it. But I hope everything will be okay.

one month ill...

Hey Girls, its very nice to hear from you one after another. I hope all of us will write monthly in this blog, so we will know at least something about the others even if we don`t stay in touch directly. But now I want to tell you something about me. When I came back in november, everything was ready to start my first measurements of my master thesis. While doing so, we found out, that similiar measurements have been done before and I had a lot of data to work with.


Dear All,I wish everyone a happy new year!!! Since our workshop was over, I was still ill in the following week, but I got well again :) In the meantime I was working on my PhD topic with a new master student. Besides I was working for a new funding project from the EU, which was granted in December. So, lots of work is coming...I wish you all the best and success for all you want to reach...

Accepted paper and perspectives

Last month, I had a paper published in the Journal of Applied Physics. This paper deals with the effect of wool and thermo-binder fibres on adhesion of alfa fibres in polyester composite. For this purpose, dielectric and vibrational studies were investigated in order to probe the interfacial region fibres/matrix of the composite. The vibrational study revealed a decrease in the hydrophilic character of natural fibres which is confirmed by the dielectric study.

My last work

Hi ladies,More than one month since we are seperated, it seems to be very close. I am back to my daily life. I spent wonderful time Sfax, I learned so much information of great importance and I find a way to improve my skills. And the most important thing was making a new relationships. During the last month, I had so much things to do. I presented my work in JTET " Journées Tunisiennes sur les écoulements et les transferts" , it was an opportunity to practice the skills learned during the summer school.Actually, I am working on my PhD project.

First entry ;-)

Dear all, as you might know, I was sick since our last evening in Port El-Kantaoi. Since I had a job interview two days after returning from Tunisia, I had to recover quickly from my disease…Fortunately the interview was good and I will start in February with my PhD in Frankfurt. I didn’t expect it, but our time in Tunisia showed me how different the Tunisian culture is from ours. It has caused me to think more about such topics and helped me to understand the different ways of life.

Only hard work of course ;-)

Hello to all! Already during school I was working on some projects for my work in parallel. Of course when coming back a lot of more stuff needed to be done e.g. more presentations, working on experimental setup - in design and mechanically - and when I will have time to continue my analysis... who knows! What I know is that I will look over some of the technical presentations of the summer school. Especially the presentation about Remote Sensing from Mr. Kallel should help me to prepare my optics right and hopefully have a realistic analysis in the end, so thanks for uploading!

One month already

It has been one month already since the summer school took place. When I was back in Germany, I had a lot to tell about the experiences made during that week. Before you go to a country, you think about what to expect, building up some kind of stereotypes. But once you were there, you will have to say goodbye to stereotype thinking and see that most of the things are totally different. I was most impressed to see the Tunisian way of life. It was fun to discover the differences in culture, behavior and thinking.