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Dear Ladies, this is the last blog entry I will write. So I´ll say goodbye and it had been a pleasure to meet all of you people. A lot happened in my life the last twelve month. I finished my studies, decided to do my PhD, emigrated and am currently learning French for my upcoming journey. I hit a huge jackpot to obtain a Marie-Curie-fellowship and being able to be supervised in my thesis by the "god" of phosphorus ligands and hydroformylation.


In contrary to my previous experiences with documentation I have to write here more or less every month a report, which is indeed quite tiring, but at the same time ideal for a lazy person like me. So after my vacations in the nice and cool Germany, I came after the heat. I have to write first day at work a brief introduction about myself and my topic for an internet page. Wow, and in my opinion nobody will be interested in reading this, so unnecessary!!!! But Amsterdam wants it ok, no choice.


Buenas días señoras, the last month I did a lot of research, like always. Now that I understand a little bit more about my topic I can work more efficiently. And I am quite content about this. The only thing that´s missing are the positive results. But nothing can be forced. Meanwhile the weather here in Tarragona is getting hot with a lot of humidity, which is quite disturbing. Walking to the institute is a torture right now.


Buenas tardes,I´m currently working as a Marie-Curie fellowship-PhD student at the ICIQ in Tarragona on new phosphorus ligands for applications in catalysis. This project is under the european SusPhos project. In this project there are more then 15 PhDs and a few PostDocs investigating in different fields of research sustainable ways of using phosphorus. Worldwide the phophorus salts are limited and in maybe 100-200 years there won´t be any phosphorus salts be available. Sounds as a backround pretty interesting, but it means for me only a lot of work.

Passing time...

Hola guapas, my first month working passed quite quickly without realizing it. The institute is really great I have more or less everything that I need to work and am getting into it again, working 6 days a week. My coworkers are all nice, more or less and my boss is really nice and knwoledgable.


Buenas tardes,my first week in the new institute started how it ended with a lot of work. But believe it or not I am quite happy about it, because I missed doing research quite a lot the last few month. My coworkers are mainly Postdocs from different countries, so I can ask stupid questions to anybody there, more or less. Furthermore is the laboratory well equipped, which facilitates a lot my working. Well till now I am satisfied, everythings new and the people are nice.


Hola chicas,I've arrived yesterday in Tarragona and am now writing while relaxing in the sun...No, well yes, but there is still more to organise so I've to leave soon. I'm currently staying in a house with seven flatmates, but well they're all nice. But I am thinking about changing, because there're bond to be some problems with so many people around. But thank god I can speak english with them, because it's a little tiring speaking spanish all day long, because my spanish is not the best right now...well which I have to change surely.

And the winner is...

Hi Ladies,I am happy to tell you girls that I got the PhD position in Tarragona/Spain and Paris/France through a Marie-Curie funding. Like I told you before I leave the field of optics and go back to catalysis. It will be in a highly interculture community with a professor from the netherlands, many Postdocs from different countries and another professor from Britain. Hopefully I made the right choice and everything will be alright, insallah. As for this I have now to organize my migration.

Application talks

Dear Ladies, I decided to to a PhD. Therefore I have a talk with a Professor from the TU Graz this saturday and on sunday I fly to Tarragona in Spain to present another possible PhD Position my diploma thesis. Therefore I am using Jean-Lucs book very often. The presentation will be in english, so wish me luck. Both positions return to my favortie work the catalysis, therefor I would only do UV/VIS measurements as an optical method. But nothing is certain yet.Tell you guys more after my talks in two weeks. Wish you all the best.See you next time.

All necessary documents

Hi Ladies,well nothing changed much I finished my studies got my diploma and my references and am still deciding whether to do a PhD or get a job. Currently I have a offer to work at Zeiss, but unfortunatly I don't know whether I wanna go directly into the mangement or not. So well I took some nice pictures and am still writing applications. Research or not is the question right now and I don't know which one to choose.So I wish all of you a happy new year and all the christians a bless christmas.See you soon. Deniz