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Curriculum Vitae

Hi you all! I thought about the workshop the last days. Why that? Well, because I really did it: This weekend I re-wrote / updated my CV to make some applications in future, probably some speculative kind just to show the companies, that I'm willing to work :-) But since the weather on the weekend was anyhow not good enough to do anything else, I placed myself in front of the monitor and took some time for this basic step: I have the CV now of course not only in german, but in english also!

First results nearly available in a paper

A paper including some of my results was published as a conference proceeding. Unfortunately the link is still not available :-( My supervisor went with a poster to IPAC this year in Dresden and presented different intercepting methods to record beam profiles. So far we could still not proof any kind of saturation effect, neither in dependency of bunch length nor of beam intensity. But investigations will go on. I need to improve the results regarding some parameters and of course I want to use the second and for my last beam time block starting in a few weeks.

Started analysing

First beamtime block is over now. They finished the block planned for spring two weeks earlier since there is a lot they need to repair (so to say: issues from the bigger shutdown in 2013). Two shifts for me and also shifts for my colleagues are moved now to the next beamtime block which is starting a bit of time earlier at least. But from mid of october on the synchrotron SIS18 is to be shutdown for a couple of years even to build up the new coming FAIR building! That's a quite long time and till finishing my PhD contract will be over.

Eastern can come

Hello Ladys! What a good luck for me that I have that much motivated colleagues here who helped me a lot with finalizing the details in my setup so that everything works finally! :-) At the moment I'm finally about to analyse some working measurings. Goal is to compare optical spectras of different scintillating materials in long term tests and with different sizes of penetrating ion bunches.

second disspointing measurements within one month

He you all! And again I go out of a beamtime without succeding in only one result. This time it was not even the facility that made problems but my preperations showed out to have been not enough to get processable images with my cameras. I even switched to a different setup to get different measurements to run and it seemed to work for the most of shifttime till I found out that without showing an error message some important data aquisition software didn't completely stored my files. So again I have to wait to tell about results - let's see what problems occure during next beamtime.

First Beam Time Shift is done

Hi all! Working at a facility for ion acceleration can be very disappointing, I can tell you! (Probably Rebecca knows already what I mean ;-)) Everybody is telling you to get finished as soon as possible with setup preparation just to shift the date for possible entrance at the experimental area on and on to later dates and even if you finished - only god knows how - the synchrotron is not running with the parameters you need. What else? Also such works give you knew ways of thinking: When is it possible to enter the experimental area if someone needs to be checked again?

angle-dependent focus

Hello to you! This week I had some talking to the head of our workshop about some mechanics they would need to do for me. One of the subjects is an angled mounting for one of my lenses and to make work easier for his team, the mechanic asked me, if there is no lense available to set the focus angle-dependent for tilted targets. I said - very spontanously - that there is no such lense in the world, but to be honest: I don't really know! Did anyone of you heard of such idea? I thought for example about these asphere lenses from stutgart, but can you set the focus angle-dependent with them?

Only hard work of course ;-)

Hello to all! Already during school I was working on some projects for my work in parallel. Of course when coming back a lot of more stuff needed to be done e.g. more presentations, working on experimental setup - in design and mechanically - and when I will have time to continue my analysis... who knows! What I know is that I will look over some of the technical presentations of the summer school. Especially the presentation about Remote Sensing from Mr. Kallel should help me to prepare my optics right and hopefully have a realistic analysis in the end, so thanks for uploading!