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Last entry

Hello everybody,time has passed so fast and I have nearly finished my master thesis. At the moment there is a lot of work to do. But in four weaks I have to hand in my thesis and to give my final talk. I hope we can manage to meet ourselves in the next time. 

Master thesis

Hello,there are only seven weeeks left until I have to hand in my Master thesis. The work in the lab isn't finished and I still have to write more than two-thirds of my thesis. Because of that I'm very busy at the moment. After the thesis I will visit Myanmar and I'm looking forward to this vacation. These are all news for now.


Hello, at the moment I spend a lot of time in the lab. Since Tuesday there is something wrong with my laser diode. It is very light sensible. Even a bit of scattered light is enough to destroy the single mode running. I hope there is no defect. Wish you all the best.Anika


Hello,the last months of my Master studies are running and I have a lot of work to do. This week it was fantastic to be some hours in the cold basement lab. Next time I will tell you more about my applications. 

Long weekend

Hello,a long four days weekend is nearly over. It was very nice. I was at a seminar about communication in Munich. In the next months I have to decide what I want to do after master studies. There is a company fair in Darmstadt next week and I will visit some companies. 

Free time

Hello,the last two weeks I enjoyed my free time. I was at my parents' house and it was somehow like living there again. Tomorrow starts the last half year as a master student.

time is running

Hello,after the first half-year I had to write a progress report and give a presentation  about my master theme in march. Furthermore I had to prepare a poster for the DPG Spring Meeting in Hannover. Because of that I have been extremely busy lately. Since yesterday I have holiday and I really enjoy it. The time is running. Only one more half-year and I have my master. 


Hi,my external cavitiy diode laser (ECDL) is running and now I'm testing if it is as good as we suppose. I still have two weeks for testing before I have to write my progress report for my Master Thesis. Because of that I am very busy. I hope there is some time for holiday in April. Otherwise I will work until November without having holidays. I wish you all the best.  

Happy New Year

Hello,I wish you all a happy and successful new year 2013. I enjoyed having a few days with my family at home. But I have started working on my master thesis on January 2nd so that there was not a lot of free time. I still like my work and hope that I can stay in optics when my master is finished.


Hello, I have a lot of fun building a new laser and I really enjoy my work. Today I came up from the basement lab and everything outside was covered with snow. I most likely will present a poster at the DPG Tagung in March and I am happy that I got so much suggestions for improvement at the summer school. Maybe I see you latest at the DPG Tagung. Regards Anika