Anne's blog

Farewell from blog

Dear all, this is my farewell from this blog. However I hope, we will stay in contact in another way. It was great fun to read how you all succeeded since we met. I wish, that you can continue like this! Hopefully there will be many other summer schools in Tunisia, because it was a great experience. I wish you all the best, Anne   

Vacation ended

Hello! I was on vacation last two weeks. So now I am really relaxed and motivated to go on with my PhD. The week before my vacation was quite busy because the SEM, which me and two others are responsible for, didn`t work. The two others were on vacation, so I had to manage the visit of the technicians etc. I laerned a lot about the machine. The first results of my work I am going to present in a meeting with others working on the same project at the beginning of september. Enjoy the end of the summer! Anne


Hello! It`s summer again in Germany. I am very happy about this - enjoying the sun, staying at the lake, go swimming etc. Unfortunately it is very warm in our offices. So we all want to make measurements in the lab where an air condition is installed... My project goes on in little steps but I have first very nice results:) So I can go on in this direction to find out all the details. After reading Vanessa S. blog I know who I call, because I often call the technical support of different companies because I am responsible for various machines.

Going on slowly

Hello! Fortunately the summer has come to Germany! I really enjoy just wearing a T-shirt! Biking is really great in summer! My work makes still a lot of fun although there are many little and some big problems which are not easy to solve before I can coat the first pores with the new atomic layer deposition machine. The point with the problems is, that you think, you know how to solve one of them, but instead solving the problem, one problem leads to three new problems.

1st month

Hello! My PhD at GSI started very well. It`s fun, because all the people are very friendly and helpful. Of course there`s a lot I have to learn in many (for me) new fields but I really enjoy that. I am very happy with my new flat. It`s practical and comfortable. If the evenings are not so cold, I spend them on my balcony. I go to work with the bike and I can advise that to you, if it`s possible for you to go to work by bike, because you are flexible, fast, spend some time outside and do some sports. It awakes me in the morning and relaxes me in the evening. Waiting for the summer, Anne

Starting PhD

Hello! I started my PhD on the 1st of April. So the last 4 weeks were really busy because of all the organisation. Luckily I found a realy nice flat so that I could move to Darmstadt just before starting. The first two weeks at GSI confirm that I have chosen the right group. They are all very friendly, helpful and funny. After organisational stuff I started to work in the lab last week. I enjoyed that. Now a lot of new, challenging tasks are waiting for me. I am looking forward to them. Bye

Winter doesn`t end

Hello! Last week I was skiing and I really enjoyed the snow. But I wanted to come back and find spring. Instead it`s snowing and cold. That`s not normal in the middle of march! Hopefully it becomes warmer and sunny soon. After my last blog I visited a research group in Mainz, which was very interesting. They offered me an open position. So I have to decide, if I want to go to Darmstadt or Mainz. In my next blog I am going to tell you, the result of my decision.

"Free" time

Hello everybody!The title of my blog today is "free" time because I thought and everybody told me, that between finishing a thesis and starting something new you have time to do what you want. But every evening I think, wao, the day is gone and I spent all the time by applications or other organisational stuff. Ok, there are also some hours of real free time in a week, but not very much... For exmaple I have got no time to read all the books I wanted to read now.Concerning my search for a PhD position I`ve got really good news.

Enjoy 2013!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope everyone started well, after relaxing between Christmas (if you celebrate it) and 2013. I just relaxed since my last blog. Now I am myself again:) For the New Year I decided to apply for a PhD. I am looking for a group which works with an AFM on organic materials. Surprisingly there are a few:) I am starting to write my applications next week. I hope in my next blog I can tell you that I got positive answers.


Hello girls! I hand in my Master thesis two weeks ago. The three weeks before were full of work. So I used the following week to relax, but I wasn't fit when I started to work on my defense. Therefore I hadn't got much motivation. The presentation last Tuesday was not my best one because I still was tired and my brain didn't want to think. But now I am finished with my Master!!! Now I use the days before Christmas to sleep, sleep, make sport, breath fresh air and buy gifts.