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Soon summer!

Hej you all!SUMMER! SOON! ... My report is almost done so far, just the introduction and motivation are missing. I want to hand it in next tuesday and want to be finished tomorrow evening. My presentation was good and I will go hiking for a week in the french pyrenees. Afterwards two weeks in west sweden and then my masterthesis starts. I am still checking for jobs but still haven't applied for any, since I was so busy with my report -.-  Where are you all going for summer holidays?


Hej you all! I am just one week before my proposal presentation for my masterthesis, which I will officially start in august then (yes, its a strange system at my university). So I am also extremly busy with writing my proposal report and preparing my presentation. In the meanwhile I am looking for a job starting in january and try to get in contact with different companies. Right now I am focussing on trainee jobs and possible PhD projects all over the world.

News from Stockholm

Hej you all! In one week I will travel to Lund to Max4 which is a new synchrotron. There we will present the project (or what is done so far). Some of my setup parts arrived last week and in about 2 weeks the last parts will (hopefully) arrive. Then I FINALLY can start building my sandwich lenses. In the last weeks I became a SolidWorks expert ( ;) ) since I needed to design all the parts for the setup. Great news from you all! Its really interesting how you all progress and what you face for chances and difficulties. Good luck to you all!

Progress on my masterthesis

Hi! Last week I was in Paris to visit a french synchrotron. My group and a group there are working together for the x-ray optics and are very interested in a successful project. So I feel now a bit of pressure since they really want my sandwich lenses. But tight now I have surprisingly a little things to do since we are about to order s lot of experimental components and they have a delivery time up to 3 month. My next week will be to find a new task which I can do during the waiting time.... head up that I find soemthing :) I hope everything is going fine with you all!

Vibrating floor

Hej you all! I am still working on my masterthesis and I don't like my microscope - its vibrating everytime someone goes around in the lab or when the airconditioner starts to blow air around *grrrr* Well now I decided to build my setup completely new and this time I will make it stable enough ;) In 2 weeks I am heading towards Paris to SOLEIL to visit a lab there. I think that will be very informative and I can test my french from my A1 french course ... Hope everythng is going well with your projects. Cheers!

My masterthesis

Hey you all!Today is my very first day at BioX (Biomedical and X-Ray Physics) in Stockholm to write my masterthesis for one year ;) I have a bunch of papers and a big fat doctoral thesis to read - but the group is really cool and my topic is very interesting! ... to summarize my task: I will become a x-ray-lens-sandwich-maker to get better optical properties for x-ray lasers. If you want to know something about that - please feel free to write a comment or so!