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beamtime planning

Hi girls, these days I'm busy planning our upcoming experiment at FLASH here in Hamburg. At the moment I feel more like a manager than like a scientist: writing emails, talking to people, trying to find out which problem is most urgent.. Getting a PhD didn't prevent that I need to learn lots of new things again, but although it's a lot of work, it's also fun. This time I actually feel responsible for making everything work out, and I really hope it's going to be successful in the end. I'll keep you posted!

thesis defended

Hi girls, I'm very happy to let you know that I survived my thesis defense :-))) I've been looking forward to this day essentially since I returned from Tunisia and started writing up my thesis and it's hard to believe that it actually arrived. After months and months of more or less constant stress and doubts, ups and downs, it feels great to finally have my life back! Many people told me that the writing of the thesis was the worst part, and once it's over I'm more or less already done, but for me I think it was actually harder to prepare for the examination.

thesis handed in :-)

Hi girls, I'm just returning from handing in my PhD thesis! Feels kind of strange, after months of writing and correcting, it's finally *finished*. Now I have seven weeks to study everything I can think of for my defense and to prepare a twenty minutes presentation. Heidelberg, Germany's oldest university is still kind of oldschool in that sense: in my defense, it's me, four professors, a blackboard and a piece of chalk or two. I kind of like the idea, but it's going to need a lot of preparation to write properly on a blackboard and to talk and write at the same time.

thesis finished (for now)

Hi girls, yesterday I sent the pre-final version of my thesis to my official supervisor to correct. I essentially worked on that thing ever since I came back from tunisia and I'm REALLY looking forward to my first free weekend in months! :-)) I'm a little nervous about what he's gonna tell me when I meet with him next thursday, but I will try to not think of it until then. Whish you all a wonderful, enjoyable spring weekend!

conference talk

Hi girls, I'm just returning from a meeting where I gave my first invited talk. I was a little more nervous than usual, also because one of the professors that is going to evaluate my thesis soon was in the audience. But I think it went well. Now I need to write a complete paper within the next two weeks because it is for a conference (Faraday discussions if you have heard of it) and needs to be handed in by March 7. Deadlines make you pretty effecitive in writing up stuff! ;-) Luckyly I can use parts of my unfinished thesis so I hope I will make it.

thesis writing

Hey Girls, I have been pretty busy these last weeks, as immediately after I returned from Tunisia I started writing up my PhD thesis. Its really not easy converting everything you've done within almost three years to one consistent thesis! It will keep me occupied for another two months or so until the thesis is handed in to the university and then studying for the examination will start. Right now I'm fighting to get four professors to agree on one date for my thesis defense and to get the university to agree with my choice of professors.