Fathia's blog


Hi girls,how are you? I hope you are all fine and everything is OK. Today, the ECMI conference starts and I can not be there :( . I really wanted to be in this conference. I sent my work and it was accepted but my supervisor said that he can not finance me. I have no news, I am just waiting for Ramdane. I think that you have an idea about this month. It is a special month for us: we remain fasting all the day but at night we made special dinner with all my familly.  

Ready for Summer holiday

Hey girls, I hope you are ok. I am still busy on this project. there is always something to do. I want to finish the big part at the end of this month.I need a holiday, as you know we have a wonderful beach, sunny weather. So I should enjoy the summer. Who want to make a broun skin, Tunisian weather can help him :).  

work work work no holidays

 Hi girls, I hope you are all fine, and everything is OK.I have no much news, I still work on the same topic, still waiting for good results, still waiting for my paper correction... At the end of this month, i will pass an exam named CAPES: this is an exam about all physics studied in our life,  if we succed this exam we can work as a teacher in high school.  But i don't believe on the procedure of the exam correction.  I feel disappointed this period, everything in Tunisia goes wrong (no job, no god news,....).

good start of 2014..... I hope so ;)

Hello everybodyI wish that all of you had a wonderful start of this new year.I have put a good planning to this year and I hope that I will finish it.All of you know what mean : your PhD depends on the mood of a stupid program.... this problem took all my time, I hope that it will be finished as soon as possible. But don't worry I am strong women, I will do it. Actually, I have no new until finishing this problem. As I told you I have a planning to more organize my work.  

My last work

Hi ladies,More than one month since we are seperated, it seems to be very close. I am back to my daily life. I spent wonderful time Sfax, I learned so much information of great importance and I find a way to improve my skills. And the most important thing was making a new relationships. During the last month, I had so much things to do. I presented my work in JTET " Journées Tunisiennes sur les écoulements et les transferts" , it was an opportunity to practice the skills learned during the summer school.Actually, I am working on my PhD project.