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silly season?

AlohaCongratulations Becky, for finishing your thesis. I used the spring and early summer for writing applications as well. Successfully though, I will start at a company in Chemnitz, that manufactures micromachining laser systems. I will work there as an application engineer which I am really looking forward to. Working in industry seems to be a thing I am really into I think, communciating with customers, traveling all over the world to accompany a machining´s creation process. This includes planning, laser testing and finally building the entire machine. This is great.

LASYS Stuttgart

Hi girls.Hope you are doing well.The week before last I had the opprotunity to attend Stuttgarter Lasertage (SLT) that are carried out parallel to Stuttgart Laser trade fair LASYS. Despite ongoing digitalisation and online performance of a company, it is still of considerable importance for a company to maintain contact to long-term and potential customers. I did not expect it to be that severe. Ir was a good experience and the presentations at SLT enabled a further insight into different approaches of other companies or facilities that cope with associated approaches.


Hi everybodylong time no write from my side.I hope all of you are doing well. I have just returned from CLEO conference in San José, CA, USA. It was my first time in the US and I experienced it as quite an ambiguous place. The people were really hospitable and it was great pleasure to work under such a nice atmosphere.

Franka off the beaten track

Hi girlsI hope all of you are doing ok. I admit I have been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks but, in fairness, I was on holiday. A great one as some of you have already confirmed when sharing the pictures on facebook. Myanmar was an awesome place. Not as remote as it might was only a couple of years ago, but still not as overrun by tourism as some other places in Asia. I went with two friends and we shared great hospitality, open-mindedness and a friendly welcome by the locals.

diversified January

Hi girls,like for you, January has been quite a busy mounth for me, too. As I told you before I made a submission for the CLEO conference in June 2014. This will be my first international conference where I am supposed to hold a speech so I am really excited over this.Beside I am planning to start a PhD thesis in autumn so me and my coordinating professor are working on a concept to get financial support. Can anyone of you girls give advice where financial support for a PhD thesis can be obtained?

Best wishes for 2014

Hello EverybodyI hope you all had a great christmas celebration (for those who actually celebrate christmas :-)) and a gorgeous start in 2014. Both of mine where great and even all the work made it into 2014, fortunately...Since a colleague and I will attend the CLEO conference on lasers and electrooptics in June I had to organize our stay and we are expected to have submitted a paper by the end of January *uff*. Right now I am looking for some worthy results to be disposed in this thesis.

My résumé

Hi girls,During the last two weeks after the summer school has been over I had time to review things. Here is my final valuation.The cultural and scientific exchange with all the girls was quite an enriching experience for me. Due to the casual contact to each other it was easy for us German girls to learn about the Tunisian girls’ way of thinking. The hospitality and open-mindedness towards us was awesome. Because we all came along with each other very well it was no point asking sort of explosive questions.