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New experience in Australia

In my last blog I will tell you something about all my experience here in Australia. I did not just learn a lot about glass and scientific work I also met amazing persons. Of course was it a great to cuddle a koala and a kangaroo. But also I tested my bravery as I tried rock climbing, diving and surfing for the first time. One day the guys invited me to join them for climbing. It happens quicker than I thought and I was up to the top of the first wall. It was a strange feeling looking back in the deep but I was happy that I tried it. Nearly the same situation happened with diving.

Working at IPAS

Today I will introduce to my tasks in Australia. I work at the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS). I belong to the workgroup optical materials and structures. My project is about a special Indium Fluoride Glass for infrared optical fibre. One of the aims is to reach a high optical nonlinearity. These features can be used to build special laser systems or light sources.There is already a good and stable composition for these glass but now is the task to find a suitable core and cladding composition.

Happy new Year!

At first I want to wish everybody a happy new year.  Hope it will be a successful one for everybody. The times goes so fast and so there are only two and a half months left from my stay in Australia. It was a very busy time in December. The other girl who was stayed with the same host family like my left. But before she left we travelled together with her friends from Italy to Kangaroo Island. It is a beautiful island not far from Adelaide. We could experience the beautiful wildlife of Australia in Kangaroo Island.

Greetings from Australia,

Greetings from Australia, Sorry for long time no writing. I had a lot to do to prepare my time in Australia and once arrived in Australia there were so many new things to discover. So I will today write something about my first experience. I arrived Australia on the 5th October and the weather was perfect fine. I was picked up from the airport from my new family for the next 6 month. The first building I saw after the airport was an “IKEA”. So far now different to Europe. But I recognized the quickly that I am on the other side of the world.

busy times

 Last month I was very busy. We hold a presentation about our project work for the department of technical optics. I was very nervous but we did it very well. Two day later I had to give a similar presentation in front of some project partners from industry. It was a meeting with all project partners and 6 presentations were given. After the presentation all were invited to a common lunch. It was a nice atmosphere with interesting conversations.I had to give the second presentation alone.


Hi everybody,This month is all about getting ready for my time abroad. I'm searching for scholarships to study abroad in Australia. I want to work there at a university for six months. The subject of the internship is the preparation of certain glasses and glass fibers. Only the money for this travel is still missing. Currently, I write applications for two programs through which I maybe could get money. This and the work on my other project at the University take a lot of time but by the end of this month the project will be finished.This week is very busy in Ilmenau.

Hello everybody,

Last month I found my new daily rhythm for this semester.In the next week I started working at the department of technical optics at our University.But the task I have to do is not fixed jet. Furthermore there is a lot to do for our project. The last weeks I spend a lot of time to validate a program our supervisor had programmed in python.There is a big event going on this week at out university. It is called “Bergfest”, It is a kind of celebration for those who have finished the frist half of their studies.



Happy New Year

 Hello everyone,First I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope everyone survived the year well.=)After the turbulent time before Christmas I spent a nice and quiet Christmas with my family. It was great to be back together, to eat fantastic food (that kind of food you only get when you are at home) and met old friends.Even the New Year's Eve was a lovely evening and there was a blaze of colors and lights. Just the right thing for persons who love optics.On 7th January the lectures started again. In one month the grueling exam period begins already.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hello everybody, As I reported last time, this month I want to talk about a project. At springtime this year a big project has started. It deals with an disease of the eye that is called age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The disease causes the loss of of the central visual field. Two institutes deal with this topic to improve the lives of people with this disease, the Department of Technical Optics and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics. Me and another student are involved in one part of this project.