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Even more sunshine

Hi everybody,
for once, I'm even blogging ahead of time. The reason is that I will be on vacation from friday on, yeeyy.


Hi everybody,
honestly, I was too lazy to read all the previous entries. But it's nice to hear that many of you are very successful in finishing their theses and in finding jobs. Great, girls!

Not much to tell

Hi everybody,
you might be surprised by this information, but I still didn't start writing yet.
Last week I went to the World of Photonics Conference in Munich, and I gave two talks. As all the times before, I was pretty much afraid of standing in front of all these people. However, I think it's getting better every time. Although I felt somehow sick right before the talks, afterwards I was happy that I had done it. I had tried to prepare myself good, had a closer look at the rooms and the equipment and so on, so I didn't feel as horrified as usual.

Still not writing

Hi everybody,
as you might remember, I really, really should have started writing by now. Unfortunately, I'm still not writing at all. I am going to move to another flat (in the same town), and end of may I'll have to be out of the old flat. Well, surprisingly, in the new flat there is a lot of work to do until we can even think of moving our stuff. So I spend most of my evenings and weekends with renovating instead of writing. After that, I promise, I will sedulously work on my thesis! :-)

Time is running

Hi everybody! I can't believe that already another month has passed! Where is all my time going? The final reports and everything regarding my project are now done, and my master student will have finished very soon, so I'm going to focus on other things now. This should be writing, but also doing several more experiments that I will need for my thesis. And, furthermore, I will probably start with the fabrication of new devices. This additional project will hopefully guarantee me another contract for some more months, but it will also consume much of my time.

New project

Hi everyone,
although I should be hard-working on writing my thesis, I am doing more other things than that at the moment. I started another project, which is a cooperation with a small company. At the moment, this consumes a lot of my time. But I like it, because it brought me back to measuring, I can work in the lab again :-) My master student is doing his final measurements, and he already started writing his thesis. I hope, the results will be as good as we would like them to be.

Happy new year :-)

Hi everybody,
I know it's late, but I still wish you all the best for the remaining 11 months of 2013!
The last two weeks I was quite busy. I submitted my abstract for the world of photonics in may which will take place in Munich. I'd be happy to meet someone of you there! There is always a big fair with many presenting companies working in the field of lasers or other optics stuff. So, if anyone is looking for a job, this would be a good opportunity to get in contact with interesting companies.

Part 4

Hi everybody!! This month, I don't have very much to tell because I spent two weeks in the dominican republic to escape from the german winter.

Part 3

Hi everyone!
I'm really happy about the possibility to keep informed (at least a little bit) about the progress in your studies, your thesis writing and so on. So, girls, I hope you won't forget to continue "blogging"!

One month later

Hi again! I can't believe that already one month has passed since the summerschool. In fact, I'm still thinking quite often about the nice time I had in Tunisia.