mary's blog

July - vacations

Another institute in Berlin where I applied 3 months ago invited me for a job interview. I like the topic very much and decide to go because you always learn something with the interviews. The visit was very nice and the position is very good with a lot of benefits. One week later they offered me the job but I rejected because I already decided to go to Zurich. In Berlin they took such a long time to invite me that I found out I am not really happy in the city. I like it for some time but I think its tiring to travel to work every day so far.

June - decision for a PhD position

I went to Barcelona and visited the group at ICFO. One day before I went I got the offer from ETH Zurich for a PhD position in the Photonics laboratory. After visiting in Barcelona I decided to accept the offer in Zurich. The conditions there are very god for me and I like the topic a lot. I will have responsibility. I will be setting up a measurement system for nanoparticles in a fluid. Part of the work will be to find industry partners. The system can be applied for measuring viruses, particles in industry or eventually even particles in the atmosphere, so I am flexible which is great.

May - CLEO Europe

I was attending the Laser World of Photonics in Munich and the CLEO Europe. It was fantastic because I met Professors from Munich, Karlsruhe and Barcelona and talked to some of them regarding my plans for the PhD. My supervisor from the Master Thesis had time to discuss my PhD options with me what I really appreciated. One professor I met there invited me to come to Barcelona and visit his lab two weeks later. The conference was very exciting, I was listening to the talks about lasers and nanophotonics.

PhD interviews

Dear girls,spring in Berlin is fantastic. It feels free, all the people are on the streets and smiling – the whole city changed!I was motivated with my applications and have several meetings in the next weeks with Professors for doing a PhD.

enjoying free time

Hola chicas,I don't have much to say - except that I am very happy that I studied photonics and I am very much looking forward to my new position which will be very interesting, exciting and demanding - wherever and whatever it will be.Have a couple of meetings next weeks and I had a very nice meeting with a Prof from Nice last week about a PhD position. This one would start in October. Well, I have to apply for a scholarship. Maybe next time you will hear something more sincere.Have a wonderful March ;) 


Hello again,I wanted to tell you about my applications! So far I applied at the IMPRS-UFAST, which is the Max-Planck graduate school for structural dynamics. Unfortunately my application there was not successful. They said they had many applicants this year. I am in contact with a professor in Spain and one in France for the PhD and they seem to be positive about my profile. I am going to apply for 3 more positions in Germany. It takes all time as I went on vacations again and I am pretty picky. I want to be in a great city, with an exciting topic and nice colleagues.

pura vida

Hi girls,I was not writing for a long time. I am still in the process of application and went on vacations again. I suppose I will not have the time for so many holidays in the next years so I took the chance to visit a friend on her world trip in Costa Rica. It was just amazing. We stayed at her uncle’s house close to the beach and every morning tropical birds and monkeys woke me up. We went for a run at the beach and went swimming in the crystal clear water. Coming home we had a delicious breakfast with the freshest papaya, melon, avocado and pineapple.

job hunting

Hi girls,It is very nice and motivating reading your blogs!I returned from Australia for celebrating Christmas and New Year with my family in Munich. Actually I couldn’t wait to go somewhere else because the last weeks writing my thesis in Munich before doing vacations where very tiring for me. My bf moved to Berlin last week and I came with him. We already found a very nice flat which is good located. If anyone of you is going to visit the German capital please let me know. Actually winter is a bit gray and cold here but as we are new in the city it’s interesting and nice!

MSc finished

Dear Colleagues,I didn’t write for quite some time because there were so many things to do.The most important: I submitted my Master Thesis and had the final presentation at KIT. It was good, but I focused more on the Thesis and I doubt that anyone will read all of it. The great thing was that I had help from colleagues who corrected my thesis as my English language skills are improvable.Last weeks I was writing from home, so I didn’t have daily interaction with other Master candidates which I missed a little bit.

Home sweet home

The summer school has been fantastic. Back home I am thinking about the people I have met, it has been such a nice group with a variety of girls and all have one big common interest which is optics. Thats really great. Usually in Germany I didn't find so many girls I could share my experiences about my studies with becaus ein Engineering we are just a few in every intake.What was great, besides having a community and making the experience to be in beautiful Tunesia were the talks.