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my little son

Hey girls,as you may think I am a mom already. End of august my son was born. Everything was very well. He was 2770g and 48cm big. Since a week we are at home and nearly our whole life changed, but we are very happy :). The grandparents are also proud. On Friday me and my son went to the university and visit my colleagues. They invite us to come some times to breakfast.Also we went to the kindergarten, everything is clear and up from March he can go there. So everything is very good. 

three weeks until the baby will be here

Hey girls,in my last post I wrote, that my first article is nearly ready. Now it is ready, the pictures are choosen and everything is handed in. In September the journal will be published. I will be very proud to see my first article than :)With my work at the university everything is fine. I could not work a whole day, that would be to stressful, but half day is fine. Until now nearly all the time I read papers and thesis and sort out the data. This week I also handed in all the paper for the phd.

first article nearly ready

Hey girls, it`s nice to read so much about your projects and how you spend your freetime. This summer, I won`t go for holiday. We will make everything ready for the baby and relax the other time. Last weekend we were at a wedding with a lot of friends. It was like a little holiday, because we have a long way to travel. Next weekend I will get my master certificate. Since a month I work at the university. It is very interesting and I already learned a lot. Also I needed a lot of time to write an article about my master thesis for the magazine “LED professional Review”.

Just married

I`m not sure, if I told you before, but last Thursday I got married :). It was a very nice day, everything was perfect. Our family and friends were with us. We were only a small group of 16 guests, but so the most important people were with us. We met for coffee in our new flat before we went to the registry office and later we ate dinner in a restaurant. In the evening we go to a club and met a lot of friends. The weekend we spent in Cologne for holiday.Today I finally had my master thesis defence, which I handed in two weeks ago.

Project is done

Hey girls, I can tell you really nice news. My group finished the project we have to do during the master studies. We started with it two years ago and there were a lot of problems and, to be honest, a lot of time with no motivation in between. But three weeks ago we end the thesis of this project and last week was the final talk about it. The result is not very good, but it is ok.

Details about master thesis

Hey girls, and especially hello Alice, I saw, that you had a question about my blog from February about my thesis and I want to answer in detail, so I open a new blog entry. Sorry, that I haven`t seen it before :(. A short recapitulation: The aim of my thesis is to integrate color measurements in the measurements of goniophotometer. Often it is important not only to know how much light goes in which direction, but also which color.

plans may change...

In January I told you, that I have been ill the hole december. Now I can tell you why: I am pregnant . The dream of my boyfriend and me will be reality. When we have been in Tunisia and were asked about our planes for the future, I had nothing in my mind beside that, but I don`t want to tell, because nobody besides my boyfriend knew it. So, in the end of august, I will get our baby. In may I want to finish my master thesis, but I don’t know, if I can reach that, because I was ill very often in january and february (morning and evening sickness ;)) and I need a lot of sleep.

Maybe my new job

Hey Girls,last week I visited the professor für light technique at our university and wanted to ask for a job after my master thesis. But before I could ask he told me, that he was in austria the day before and had seen my experimental setup, last summer I was there for an internship. I don`t had to do an internship, but I want to see another kind of work and I want to go away from ilmenau before I start my master thesis. So I don`t hesitate for long, when I got a mail with this opportunity from zumtobel.

My Thesis

Hey girls,I hope everything is ok? It`s nice to read from you, so please tell me more :)Today I want to tell you about the subject of my master thesis. I write my thesis in a company in Ilmenau, very close to the university. This company develops and sells goniophotometer, which measure how much light of a light source (a LED, or a whole luminaire with different lamps inside) is emitted in every direction. The output of this measuring system is a list of up to 10 million rays, with a starting point, a direction and intensity for each ray. The produced files are necessary for simulations.