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hello from Finland

dear girls, how are you? I hope you are all fine and everything is fine, too. The last months I was very busy because I had to prepair a lot of things for my abroad semester. So now I'm living in Finland. I'll spend one semester here. This week is only orientation week. So all Erasmus Student will get to know each other and of course the Uni, too. And next week we'll have our first lectures. I arrived in Finland two week ago because I just wanted to look about the surrounding area . The first 3 days were stressful because everything was new for me.

semester abroad

Dear girls, how are you? I hope you are all fine and everything is fine, too. After a long time there is nothing new with me. After the exams I was on holiday for some days. In this semester I have only one lecture. And I work as Hiwi-student alongside. I just can say that in this semester I'm so „busy“. As in the last blog I told you that I'll tell you my plan for the next months. Yesterday I got an admission as an exchange student in the Aalto University in Finland. It's former Helsinki University of Technology. So I'll spend 4 months there.


Dear girls, so it's time to take a break after long long time learning (I'm not finished with the exams!). And break is always ideal time to write a blog again. Wow it's really really nice to hear from all your projects, work or thesis. Nothing new with me. My last two exams are done. Now I am still learning for my very last exam in this semester: linear optics. In two weeks I can say goodbye exams and hello summer :) Hmm and I don't think that I'll go to holiday in this spring. So, all the best everyone! Cheers!

exam exam exam

Dear all, how are you? I hope you are all fine and everything is fine, too. I'm very sorry for the late blog entry because I'm still in the 'exam-marathon'. Today I wrote my first exam in this semester: principles of laser sources. And next week: principles of technical optics. Every day I go to the library and try to learn the stuffs. And sometimes I have no motivation at all. But a lot of chocolate help and bring my motivation back. But I hope all exams will be done soon. And nothing new about my master thesis: I still don't know which topic I can choose.

First blog entry

Dear girls, how are you? I hope you had a good start into a new year. Since our Summer School was over, I always think of our wonderful time in Sfax. I got many impressions of the country and the Tunisian culture. And I'm glad to be part of the Summer School. Back in Germany, I was ill one week. But I'm healthy again. Now I'm looking for some topics for my master thesis. My thesis will take one year. There are some interessting topics that I think they could be for me. But everything is not concrete now. I must inform more about it. But I hope everything will be okay.