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Last Blog Entry

Hi everybody,This will also be my last blog entry. Last month I participate in a workshop, which was for women in science. It took place in Chemnitz and it lasts four days. There were similar topics, like we discussed in Tunisia last year. And again, it was really exciting. Besides some lectures, I also had the chance to visit the university in Chemnitz and the Fraunhofer-Institute. They do great work and have interesting topics. Concerning my master thesis everything is going well. I am still very happy with my topic and I hope I can finish my studies in January. What is coming next?

Looking forward for summer holidays

Hi everybody,As I told you in my last entry I am working in the lab with GaN-diodes as a pump source for my OPS-laser. Last month I did some simulations and I ordered the best fitting and available lenses for beam shaping. Now I nearly finished the shaping with these lenses. The pump source set-up very complicated with all the different optics but I hope that I will reach good results. At the moment I am looking forward for my summer holidays because the weather is very good and the beach is so close…Unfortunately I am eight hours in my dark lab. Maybe you all know this problem.

Talk about my master thesis

Hi everybody!On Friday I passed my really last exam at university. It was a presentation with an oral examination about my master thesis. Everything went well! The best thing was, that a lot of my old friends from my studies where there too. I was so happy that they supported me!!! After that I met my ex roommate and she cooked for me.

Working on my master thesis

Hi girls!Another month has passed and not much has changed since my last entry. I am still very happy working in my new company because the topic of my master thesis is very interesting and all the people in Lübeck are very friendly.I am working on a research/development project in the laboratory and there are a lot of unexplained things concerning the behavior of the new laser that I build. With the support of my supervisor I try to find out about these things and to figure out solutions.

Starting With The Master Thesis...

Hello everybody,this month has been a very exciting one for me. I moved to Lübeck and I started working in a company, where I will write my master thesis. My master thesis will be about an optically pumped semiconductor laser which will be used as a laser source for life-science applications in the near ultraviolet.So crucial things in my life have changed but up to now I am very happy with everything! My new roommates are very nice as well as my colleagues at the company. The only bad thing is that I have to learn for an exam for my studies.

Last exams

Hello everybody, another month has passed and nothing really important has changed since my last entry. I passed all my exams this months and I am very happy with my results! In April I will start my master thesis in a company in Lübeck. At the moment I am a little bit sad leaving Oldenburg and my friends I found here but I am really looking forward to begin my thesis! Unfortunately I have my last exam in the end of April. That means in April I have to work in the company and study for that exam after my end of work.

Master Thesis- Decision

Hey girls!So many things happened during the last four weeks: the most important thing for me was the decision concerning my master thesis. I applied at a famous institute as well as a big company for laser technologies. I was very lucky because I got positive feedbacks from both sides. I decided to start at the company because I had of a ‘good feeling’. Unfortunately there is a disadvantage. I do not really have a specific issue yet. I talked with my supervisor about different topics, which were all very interesting.

New Year, new challenges!

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a great time over Christmas and New Year!!! I had relaxing days with my family and my friends and finally I could find time to think about my future plans concerning my studies. I completely changed my plans which I wrote about in my last entry! However, I think I am on my way now.I would like to start my master thesis in April. I applied at a famous Institute for Laser technologies. The topic is about the development of a space laser in the infrared range.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hi Ladies,This month passed and nothing quite important concerning my studies has changed. Every week I have to calculate two exercise papers  one in ‘Solid State Physics’ and one in ‘Signal Processing and System Theory’ which keeps me very busy.Unfortunately I don’t have any practical part this semester. But in January I can start a new lab project. This is about the characterization of the ray properties of a Ti:Sa- Laser which creates ultra short laser pulses.

Still don´t have a good plan...

First of all I have to say, that I really enjoy reading your blogs. It is interesting to know how your studies are going.Last month, I finished my report about my lab project and now I am waiting for the results (so keep your fingers crossed ;-) ). Depending on how my prof evaluates my lab work, I will make my decision on the field of research for my master thesis. However, I am not sure if I really want to work in the field of “optical measurement techniques” or if I should stick with “laser development”, which I worked on in my bachelor thesis.