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Hey everyone

Last time I wrote about the difficulties of writing one paper with a quite limited page number about a topic that really fascinates you. So instead of writing more than 20 pages about each and every detail as you want to, you really have to focus on one message, as hard as it may seem. But once you have done this, writing becomes much more easy. Hopefully the paper will be finished, submitted and accepted within the next month.

To much for to little space

Why is writing a paper about something new and fascinating always so hard?

Moi and greetings from Finalnd

The last two weeks I have been back in Finland completing my final measurements, but sadly have to leave back to Germany at the end of this week. So no more sunlight for nearly 24 hours a day, but also no more swarms of mosquitoes trying to eat you alive.Anyway, the measurements were going fine and now we will hopefully be able to publish the results. More about that probably next time.Apart from that, I am also looking forward to the day of science at our University.

Busy times

Hello everyone!

There and back again

Hello everyone, I am back in Stuttgart. And although it is really nice to see friends and family again, Finland was just great. I even got to see my northern lights, and not just some but the whole sky covered in them. Thanks to our project I will also return quite soon to finish some last measurements there.


Greetings from the north.

snow snow snow

Hello again! Next week I will spend enjoying my free time doing nothing but snowboarding. The last weeks have been quite hectic since I had to finish my paper, write an abstract, do quite some simulations for two different project partners and prepare for my one month stay in Finland. Having said that it is no wonder time seems to be flying but then again I hope it will slow down a bit next week. During the last weeks I also found it very helpful to write a daily journal about what I have to do today and mark it when I'm done.

Half way done!

Happy New Year to all of you, may the best day of the last year be the worst day of your new year.

An evening with stars

A meeting with ESA and DLR

Hyvää päivää

I am back in Stuttgart and brought a friend from Finland with me.