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Tunisia 2014

I spent to wunderful weeks in Tunisia with my family. It was awesome! It was great to come back to Tunisia after our journey. The north and center of Tunisia is so different to the south. Sfax really was an intellectual challenge for us Germans ;) and is definitively not comparable to the tourism center of Tunisia (Monastir or Kantaoui)! Perhaps the DAAD should give the organizators the chance to do the course in a more suitable place, where the students can even learn more about the country because of the civil liberty in those mentioned places with more tourism.

She works hard for the money... hard for the money ;) Hey girls, send you a lot of greetings from Bochum. Had so much to do in the last months, that I forgot to write you. Sorry for that...but therefore I will make more posts in the following weeks! Have a lot to do with our laser-conference, which will take place in munich in june 2015. I organize this conference with some colleagues from the University in Stuttgart and of course our institute. In august I will be at the Optics & Photonics in San Diego for a poster presentation. I still have to book the flight and the hotel for this event.


Hi girls, I hope you are ok and you got not too much work at the moment. I am still busy working on the EU project. We are still looking for sales prospects and a possible project coordinator. That is one the things we need to do to meet the requirements. So, I got a lot to do finding them. There are already some companys who already gave us their OK. Now we go on writing the proposal. You know how this works...the deadline is coming sooner than you might be thought ;) Wish you a wunderful day!

A lot of work...

Hi girls, hope you are fine?! I am :) I am still working on the results for San Diego in August this year. There are still a lot of things to do to get it done, but my team and me are busy and will make it! At the same time I have to work on the new funding projects. One is gonna be funded by the EU and the other one is a smaller project, but hopefully it is funded as well :) For today, we organized a meeting to work everything out and to get into details. This is my first project submission and I am very excited about it.

Greetings from Bochum

Hi girls, it has been a while since we left Tunisia. It was a wonderful experience to get to know you. I have been working a lot since that time. There are always interesting projects and new ideas! Of course I am still working on my doctoral thesis, too. Besides I am working on a new funding project. Therefore we need to participate in different committees until it is promoted. Right now I am preparing the next presentation. Will I see one of you at the Optics and Photonics in San Diego in august 2014?