Sunny's blog

Hallo everybody

Hallo dear all,this is my last blog post here in the group. I can't belive that already 12 month passed by. In all this time I learned a lot and did a lot of useful and not so useful :D things. It also doesn't appear to me that I have not seen the most of you for already 12 month while I am still in conctact with some of you. I am happy that so many did really big steps in their life in this 12 month and it also remindes me how time passes by.

Protocols and Paperwork

Hallo to all of you again ^^ :)


Hallo very body,I am happy for you that everything is going well. And I am really happ for mary to have descided about the position. Zurich is a really good place for studies / PhD.Since I am back I am working a lot on the measurements I did before I reread everything and I read more literature, summarize it and write a lot of protocols. I also did a course on time and self management, which was really good and the teacher was great. There are some methods I will take from the course and use it to my self.


Hallo dear all,I've been on holidays the last two weeks. So there is not much to write about. It is great to have the sun here :) Even working with those hot temperatures is OK.Whish you all a sunny week :)


Hallo everybody,at the moment I am working on a paper and I have new experiences with the AFM ;)Instead of that everything is really fine as it has been the last times :)Hope to hear soon from you and happy to be still in contact with you guys :*

New cooperation

Hi Everyone!Hope you are doing fine and everything is nice :)I started a new cooperation this month and I am having a lot of fun with a lot of new stuff to learn. I like it a lot. So that is all of the new things that happend :)How are you guys? 


Hi!I've been busy the last time with organizing a new cooperation, now it is all ready and will start soon. Meanwhile I needed to supervise a practical course and continued with my measurements. I am happy that for you a lot of new things came up.CU 

One year gone

Hallo everybody!Now one year of my PhD is gone and I am still like my work. Still knowing that I have to learn a lot and that I need to define my work a little bit more. Due to that I need to do two presentations and a summery. That's what I am working on at the moment and doing my measurements next to it.How is your life going? This time from my side nothing much exciting happened.Hope you are all fine and relaxed ;) 

New year

Hallo everyone,yes new year is half a month gone by now. So I wish you just happiness :)The new year started and I started also again. Working up my old measurements and starting new ones, so it is like always.Wish you a good time.

WOW time is running

Hello :)So it's time for the next blog.Really I can't belive that my last post was already nearly a month ago. In the meantime I wrote about 3 different applications, that took the most time, I think. Than I have been working up my results I took before and need to order them in my lab book and to work out the times for the next measurements.