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African Plant Project

Hi Girls, I hope everythink goes well! This message is especially for the Tunesian part of our group and all friends of travelling through Africa among us. I'm member of the Society of natural scientists "Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung". Actually, we generated a database for african plants. Especially the biodiversity of the flora of Northern Africa isn't well known. Everyone how has detailed photos from endemic/ native flowers and trees has the possibility to enlarge the database of this "Photo Guide". The homepage is as follow: .


Hey Nicole, congratulation for your little boy :) Whats the name of him? Enjoy your little family. Susan

funding opportunities

Dear all, In the following you will find some of great funding opportunities to apply for. Best regards, Susan

The first snow ;)

Dear girls, it was really a dream: Last week I and my boyfriend spent the holiday in the Alpes.  All the days we were skiing. The conditions were perfect! But it was really the unique time that I have seen more than a dozen of snowflakes a day in this winter time. I think it was snowing in Tunisia more often than in Germany, wasn't it? It's crazy. Cheers. Susan 

PVRI conference

Dear all, two weeks ago I did participate in the PVRI conference in Bad Nauheim, a small health resort with mineral springs ;) Unfortunately not for relaxation, but for presentation of my Phd work. PVRI is a conference for scientists and physisians in the field of lung research. It was a superb venue to host such an array of high quality science and discussion. No sweat! Good luck to you! Susan  

Funny Lab Day

Dear all, this year of my thesis it seems to be so different compared to the others before. Today is my first funny lab day, althought I startet my work 10 days before! Untill now my colleague and me have to do such a lot of paper work - proposal, poster, pizza ... ;) It's so enoying if you don't have enough time for practical work.  I wish you all the best for the new year! Susan