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Hello! The wintersterm has started and the university is getting crowded again.At the moment i do not have much new to report on.


Hi everyone, Summer broke out here, and i am sitting in my office.. :) Last month the request to do measurements with the high resolution TEM in the FZ Jülich was accepted. Of course i couldnt handle the microscope myself because it is extremely expensive and complicated. One of the postdoctoral research fellows from the Ernst-Ruska Centre group had a hole day time for me to do the measurements and explain me the basics of the whole set-up. Now it is up to me to deal with all the nice images and to see what information about the Quantum Dots' crystallite structure can be extracted.

Hi everyone,

Last week my supervising professor and me had a meeting with the collaborator of the ENT department of the university hospital. The discussion was very exciting and informative, now i know better what i can do and where this cooperation might lead to. Since both sides are interested in an interdisciplinary cooperation of the physics and medical department at best i can do my PhD there. Before any proposition can be made however i have to do a lot of research...Apart from that i am working on my masterthesis and on a presentation i am going to give in our seminar group.


There are not many new things to tell. The measurements for my masterthesis at the RWTH Aachen went well and the results more or less agree with the theoretical prediction. In any case the order of magnitude is correct :)I am looking forward to the cooperation with the ENT department. At the end of this month i will have a discission with the people from the university hospital to clarify what types of linkers and functionalities they need. Primarily they want to have quantum dots linked to a certain chemotherapeutic.


 The new semester has started and I have finished the specialisation. There is a lecture i am hearing that might be useful.,about articicial atoms, the field that i am working on for the master thesis.The characterisation of my samples is a bit difficult with the equipment here but luckily i can do measurements at the RWTH Aachen in the next weeks. I hope i can win some information about the size and shape of the nanoparticles i synthesized and compare them to the theoretically calculated results.


 After waiting for about one month until i could start at the beginning of the specialisation module, I could collect a lot more data during the last month. I already produced sets of quantum dots with varied parameters and could measure the effects directly. The work then and  for now lies in the understanding of the growth processes.  So now that the specialisation aim is reached i am going to hand in my report next week so i can officially start with the masterthesis. Have a nice week you all,Svenja

QDots produced!

 Hi,I am a little late writing my blog entry, sorry for that. I wanted to wait until i had my first try to grow the Quantum Dots with the new equipment. And under UV light it looks as if i succeeded. Today i am going to meet a chemist who is helping me getting familiar with their fluorometer and to collect the emission spectra to be sure that there are really QDots of various sizes. If there are, I already have many plans what to do next, now that it is getting interesting.Apart from that my last exam is over and now i can concentrate on planning the master thesis.

happy new year!

 Hi everybody, I hope you had a good start into 2013.

The year is almost over...

 ..and there is still a lot do be done, not only christmas preparations :)Last week I had the first exam this semester, it was ok. There will be two others in january and begin of february, probably the last "written" exams (one of them is multiple choice, i can't stand mc) in my cource of studiesUnfortunately I have to wait for a special heating device until middle of january before I can try to grow quantum dots.

Hello again

Another month has passed and not much has changed since my last entry. The lectures i hear this semester are more or less interesting and learning the basics of simulating  is fun.Discussing the theory for the spezialisation on my masterthesis topic with my supervisor is almost completed. I only have to wait for an extractor hood in our lab until i can start doing the practical work and hopefully the first QDots will be produced before christmas :)Hope you're all well, I already got caught by the cold epidemic... Best regards