Vanessa's blog

Last entry

Hi again,
this is my last entry. More than one year has passed since we have been to Tunisia. It would be really nice to meet each other again.
My new job is still going well. Last week I took over some parts of a training with customers for the first time. It was good that I had the opportunity to learn a lot in the first weeks. But it is also nice that I get more responsibility now and that I can really start to work.
Next weekend I will be at the Physikerinnentagung in Heidelberg. So I will meet a lot of women in science there which is always very nice.

My new job

Hi girls,
In the first weeks of my work I got a lot of training. There was much I had to learn and also a lot I still have to learn but it is very interesting. My colleagues are really nice. One week after I started to work two new colleagues came and we got a lot of training together.
I work as a trainer. So I will develop trainings and give trainings. Therefor I also attended a training of a colleague in Austria where the company has its headquarter.

Starting to work

finding a flat was really not easy. But now I have a flat and an apartment for the first week (because I start working in last week of August). So I will go to Erlangen next Sunday. There is still a lot to do next week. I have to pack my belongings. And I also want to meet some friends and colleagues and say goodbye.
But I am happy that I finally start to work now. And I am very curious what it will be like. I think I will learn a lot, especially in the first months.
Greetings, Vanessa

Enjoying the sun and preparing for my job

Hi everybody,
As I told you in my last entry I got a job in Erlangen. I also went to Munich to an interview at the other company. I also stayed at Vani’s in Munich and we went shopping which was really nice.
After my visit in Munich I decided that I prefer the job in Erlangen. I will start there at the end of August.
Last week I enjoyed the nice weather and had a short holiday on the North Sea coast. The holiday was really sunny and relaxed.
Now I try to find a flat and do all the things that have to be organized for my new job.
Greetings, Vanessa

I got a job :)

Hi girls,
I wanted to wait with my entry until I could tell you something positive. In the last weeks looking for a job was really annoying for me. In total I had six job interviews by now. But there were only two or three jobs that I really wanted. And from one of these companies I got a confirmation last Friday.
The job is in Erlangen and I think the company and the work are really interesting.
And at another company I will have a second interview soon.


the workshop of the DPG I wrote about in my last entry was interesting. Especially the exercises concerning job interviews and applications were helpful for me. It was only for women too. For me it is always motivating and just nice to meet lots of women studying physics.
Furthermore I was at the konaktiva. There you have the opportunity to meet people from many different companies. I talked to someone from a large laser company and afterwards I also applied for a job at this company. Now I am waiting for an answer.

Back in Germany

Hello everyone,
I am back in Germany. My trip to China was really interesting. We visited a lot of different places like Shanghai, Beijing and of course the Great Wall which was really great. There were always lots of people compared to Europe.
Now I am back at home and I am looking for a job. This weekend I will be on a workshop of the DPG (the German Physical Society) concerning Soft skills. I hope it will be as useful as some of the lectures we had in Tunisia.


I had my final presentation in the end of February and all went very well. Now I am waiting for my certificates. I used the free time to write applications but also to go shopping, to meet friends and so on :)

Almost finished

I am almost finished. Today I will submit my Master Thesis and next Monday I will give my final talk.
The last weeks I have been quite busy but now writing is finished in time and I am very happy about that. In the next days I will prepare my talk. As I already gave some talks about my topic I hope it will be no problem to get it ready in a few days.

Happy New Year

first of all I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013. For me, I think, 2013 will be a very interesting year. I hope I will finish my master thesis in February and find a job afterwards. Also I will probably move to a different city.