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Greetings from Munich

The feedback from my group leader was very well. I am allowed to teach more courses. Next month I will give my first course on-site. It is a little bit different from teaching in the course pavilion next to the offices. Here it is your home and the attendees do not know each other. On-site the attendees are colleagues often for a long period. In this case you are the stranger. I hope everything will be fine.

Hot summer days

How many degrees did you measure today? I think it was up to 36°C.
I really enjoy the sun because my apartment is equipped with the most recent things for now. Therefore I have some time to lay in the park at the weekend. Moving to Munich brings me a lot of visitors. The city is very popular and it is a travel worth. My family and friends appreciate the guest room ;-)

Time passes so fast

I cannot realize that time passes so fast. Again one month later. The Summer School is almost ten month ago. In between there happened so much.
My job makes me still happy. I like to help people when they request technical support. Beside some typical questions the problems are very individual. Therefore the answers are nontrivial. Solving the problems I learn a lot myself.
My apartment is nearly complete equipped. The time after work I investigate to do some decoration. The weekends I take to get to know Munich a little bit better.

One month in my new apartment

Today I am one month in my new apartment and two month in business. Fortunately, today there are less boxes around me compared with the last time I wrote to you. This weekend I hired a car in order to fetch my aquarium and my two turtles which stayed the last month at my parents. Therefore the weekend was very stressful. Friday after work I travelled to my parents. I need five hourse when visiting my parents so it was very late in the evening when I arrived. On Saturday I had to clean the aquarium and to pack everthing in a box for shipping.

New Apartment

Last week I got the key for my apartment. Therefore I had a lot of work beside my job. What I do every evening after work is clear: Cleaning, Sorting, Shopping furniture, ... I think it will took some more days in order to get along. Fortunately today was holiday for everybody in Bavaria. This gave me some extra time for cleaning my windows (I have a lot of them :-) ) 

First days in business

Now, it is my second week in my new company. Everything is very exciting: new city, new colleagues, new tasks,... I have to learn a lot of new things, but it was my decision to switch from basic research to technical support. 

Application process

Getting a certificate is not that easy if you are the first student of your course. Since my last blog it took again some days until I could hold the certificate in my hands. The final certificate is now without typing errors :-)

First applications

The defense of my master thesis was very well. Some days after the presentation I cleared my office. It is curious that my time in university is over. After all I went there for more than five years.
Last week both referees submitted their reports. I hope I can collect my certificate tomorrow morning. Then you can officially address me as a master of science :-)

Also finished!

Anne's blog post called "Finished!" could be my post. I finished my thesis right before christmas and enjoyed the last days of 2012 with my family. After a lot of weeks full of work it was time to relax. In contrast to Anne I skipped my date for the defense of my thesis. Therefore I won some usefull days to correct my thesis. Now I am proud of the final version.

12 days left

Only twelve days left until my master thesis has to be finished. When I wrote the first pages I thought I am in time but now it gets stressful. 95% of the pages are written, but not all are finally corrected. I think everybody who has written a thesis knows that the last 10% take most of your time. The correction of some small details is so frustrating because you do not see any progress. At the moment my only wish is to end the thesis. But on the other side I am ambitious to do a good work.