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Hey Girls

Hey Girls,we are currently in the last phase of our project. So, the final tasks need to be done. Yesterday, I visited a fair for optics, mechanics and electronics in Wetzlar. Even though it was quite small, they had interesting presentations and exhibiting companies. In addition, I am currently looking for a new job. Hence, I have to write applications and go to job interviews. This can be really annoying sometimes. Before I start my new job (hopefully), I want to go on holiday for a few days.

One month already

It has been one month already since the summer school took place. When I was back in Germany, I had a lot to tell about the experiences made during that week. Before you go to a country, you think about what to expect, building up some kind of stereotypes. But once you were there, you will have to say goodbye to stereotype thinking and see that most of the things are totally different. I was most impressed to see the Tunisian way of life. It was fun to discover the differences in culture, behavior and thinking.