beamtime planning

Hi girls, these days I'm busy planning our upcoming experiment at FLASH here in Hamburg. At the moment I feel more like a manager than like a scientist: writing emails, talking to people, trying to find out which problem is most urgent.. Getting a PhD didn't prevent that I need to learn lots of new things again, but although it's a lot of work, it's also fun. This time I actually feel responsible for making everything work out, and I really hope it's going to be successful in the end. I'll keep you posted! Tomorrow I am leaving for California again for two weeks, to support another beamtime of a group we are strongly collaborating with.On a different note, I got an invitation to the Falling Walls conference in Berlin yesterday that I told you about the other day :-) I'm happy they invited me again, after I couldn't go last year because I decided to go to Tunisia instead. Did anyone else apply? Take care!