First results nearly available in a paper

A paper including some of my results was published as a conference proceeding. Unfortunately the link is still not available :-( My supervisor went with a poster to IPAC this year in Dresden and presented different intercepting methods to record beam profiles. So far we could still not proof any kind of saturation effect, neither in dependency of bunch length nor of beam intensity. But investigations will go on. I need to improve the results regarding some parameters and of course I want to use the second and for my last beam time block starting in a few weeks. Also the emission spectras are still not that much clarified to publish them already. The next block starts officially this week, but probably I will start in August. Till then I also want to start writing a paper to be published in a journal. To get accepted by PhD committee of TU Darmstadt I need at least one paper in a referenced form. Not easy, but I'll do my best :-) See you!


The paper is finally linked, if you want to have a look, please don't hesitate to follow this link: