It's so much fun to read about all your projects in the other blogs! Especially reading about so many of you finishing. I hope that I can soon report the same!My schedule is really tough, but at least one more paper could be submitted last week and the new figures for the next paper look start to look beautiful. Thanks to my mentor, I found a better way to organize my time and stay better concentrated so that this week, working went really smooth.I would like to recommend mentoring programs to all of you. At the moment, it is already the third time for me to have a mentor helping me in my personal and professional development. Each time was a kind of life-changing experience, because each time I got to know another possible field of work, another way how to organize professional and family life. At the moment I'm in the program from the German physical society, which is helping people during the last year to prepare the start of career in industry. Already the start was really exciting: We got to know all the mentor who gave all a short overview about their professional career. The meeting was over half a weekend. There was a lot of program, but with enough time to ask them about their career decision, expectations, priorities... Seeing how many options there are for physicists and in which way one can reach ones aims was really inspiring.By the way, last week I chatted with a guy from Tunisia in a language learning community. He was learning German and English because - he works in a hotel in Hammamet. The world is small ;)Cheers from Germany!