My life as a mom

Hello Girls, what about you? Nearly two month since my last post and only two posts from you in between??? I want to tell you about me. Nearly everything in my life changed. Most of the day I am a mom :). But sometimes, when my son is sleeping, or he is with my husband, his grandma or someone else, I am working. From January there will be a thesis at my institute, which I will supervise. So I had to write down the task and next week I will met with two guys, which maybe want to work on it. All this I do together with another woman in the institute. So also I learn a lot. Now I work maybe 3h each week. I will work continuously from april, from march my son will go to the nursery school. A few words about him: He grow up very fast and he learns a lot. He (most time) don’t scream, when we change his clothes (he does the first days ;) ) and he laugh with us, when we look at him. It is very nice to see him. Beside my work in the institute and as a mom I try to make some things at the university like before. For example last week I organized an evening with new girls studying technical courses and elder ones. We make pizza and have a lot of fun. My son also was with us (only boy this evening). I look forward to hear from you. Greets, Nicole